Coaching Services with Pavitra



 Pausitive Living™ Coaching with Pavitra Ciavardone, CPCC combines highly effective coaching modalities, neuroscience, and leadership content to help you achieve your goals and transform your life.  

All coaching packages include a complimentary 30-minute consultation to assess your goals and needs.

Coaching packages be purchased separately, or combined with other Lavender services for optimal results.
100% satisfaction guaranteed
  Total Leader Executive Coaching
 (Private coaching only via Skype or phone)
3-month or 6-month packages available
Pricing upon request
What is keeping you from the profitability you’re capable of?
Sometimes it’s the way we look, sometimes it’s the way we speak, and sometimes it’s the uncertainty and worry that keeps us up at night. The Total Leader addresses all of these areas.  Bring out the authentic leader in you, and move forward in your business and your life.
What you can expect:
  • Learn proven science-based tools that decrease stress and increase well-being
  • Increased confidence, resiliency, and focus
  • Higher Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Better work/life balance
  • Be a more effective and inspiring communicator, with individuals or in front of an audience
  • Increase your visibility to be more promotable
  • Updated professional image
  Pain Management Coaching

Convenient individual or group coaching via Skype or phone

3-month or 6-month package
May be combined with other Lavender services (Pilates, massage, etc.) for optimal results
Is your life controlled by pain?
By changing our relationship with pain, cultivating a language of communication within the mind-body connection, and decoding the source of “intense sensation” in the body, you can greatly reduce or eliminate “intense sensation” in the body.  Being in control of your life, instead of having your life controlled by pain is completely possible, and sometimes the answer is in “the pause.”

What you can expect:

  • Create a “new now” by changing your relationship with pain forever
  • Learn science-evidenced tools and techniques proven to reduce pain and the need for medication
  • Feel more in control of your life and choices
  • Address the emotional, as well as structural causes of pain and discomfort in the body
Weight Loss and Body Image
Is your body image getting in your way?  Preventing you from reaching your goals?  Reinforcing the lie that you’re not good enough?  
What if changing your mindset was the key to no longer even needing to ask the questions above?
Individual and group coaching available
May be combined with other Lavender services for optimal results