Expert Hair Care with Sharon

 Master Stylist – Sharon Judy

“Great hair doesn’t happen by chance. It happens by taking a journey with me. We start off our journey with an in-depth consultation. I use my 13 years of experience and education to give you the best salon experience you could ever want. Your time is very important to me so I give one on one attention and do not double book.”

To schedule your appointment or consultation

call Sharon at 877-291-7114 ext.1

Hair Cut & Blow Out                                     

Dry cut                                        $30.00 & Up
Women’s                                     $70.00 & Up

Men’s                                           $30.00

Child’s                                         $30.00

Blow Outs                                                       

Women’s Classic Blow Out     $50.00 & Up

Hot Tool                                                          

Curls, curls and more curls! Curling iron,

Flat iron, etc.                          $25.00 & Up


Hair  Style                                                         

Style your already shampoo’d dry hair

Updo                                        $85.00 & Up


Color Retouch                                               

Color   Touchup                                  $95.00 & Up


Full Foil / Burst of Color                  $155.00 & Up

Partial Foil / Burst                             $95.00 & Up

Color touchup/Partial Foil              $155 .00 &  Up


Hair Therapy Treatments                            

Deep Conditioning                $50.00 & Up

Curly Cut                                

Long Hair                                $105

Shoulder Length                    $95

 Color Correction                                           

Consultation required.

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