Pilates Yoga and Ballet Fitness with Christina

Instructor – Christina


Personalized Fitness which includes:

Pilates Equipment – Pilates Mat – Hatha Yoga – Ballet Fitness-

Free 30 minute consultation

60 minutes $70

45 minutes $50

30 minutes $40

Packages are available with additional discount.

Each session is fine tuned to your personal needs and goals.

Lavender Power Pilates

One-on-One or Duet training incoporating Pilates equipment and matwork will excel your inner awareness.

Lavender Namaste Yoga

Hatha Yoga focuses on creating balance and awareness within the body. Experience this class on the mat and on the Pilates equipment.

Lavender Ballet Cardiolates

A fabulous combination of Burst Cardio infused with Pilates, Yoga, and Ballet to improve core strength, while creating an overall feeling of empowerment.

Stop Working out and Work within!!  








Clinical Aromatherapy

Over the years,  the use of Essential oils have been growing in popularity. The practice of Clinical Aromatherapy is complementary to additonal therapies.

Aromatherapy Consultation: 1 hour $45
Includes consultion and formulas for physical, mental, and emotional conditions.

Follow-up Appointment: $30
Formulas: Vary in price